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Oct 24, 2017
Frontline Acquires Jubilee Lake Lithium Prospect

Toronto, Ontario -- (October 24, 2017) -- Frontline Gold Corporation (TSXV: FGC) ("Frontline" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it acquired a 100% interest in six mineral claims, covering approximately 736 hectares, primarily located within the Jubilee Lake and Birkett townships of Northwestern Ontario's Red Lake Mining Division.

The Jubilee Lake Lithium Prospect ("Jubilee Lake") is an opportunity to enter the lithium exploration space through the low acquisition cost of a strategic land package situated along the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt west of the Allison Lake Batholith (see attached map).  Jubilee Lake has the potential to contain rare-element pegmatite dikes which provides the Company with an under-explored target area with the potential to host pegmatite deposits.

A prospecting program was initiated at Jubilee Lake to map, sample and test the previous work completed at the SJ Pegmatite Occurrence (detailed below) and to map, sample and test the surrounding area to identify new target areas of exploration.  The assay work will focus on the Lithium (Li), Tantalum (Ta) and Rubidium (Rb) bearing pegmatite occurrences. Completion of the prospecting program and the assaying test of the samples is expected to be completed within the next four to six weeks.

Allison Lake Batholith -- Rare-Element Exploration Potential

The Allison Lake Batholith and the associated Jubilee Lake pegmatite group, is a rare-element mineralization hosting pegmatite that occurs within over the 350 km strike length of the Uchi-English subprovincial boundary zone.

The Allison Lake Batholith represents an important new exploration target for lithium and rare-element mineralization and is the largest such granite thus far documented in Ontario (source Breaks, Selway, and Trindle -- OFR 6099 -2003).  In general, fertile granites and their associated pegmatites are enriched in lithium, cesium, beryllium, gallium, yttrium, tin, tantalum/niobium and rudidium, such that these elements are a good exploration guide to potential rare element pegmatites (source OFR 6110).

  • A reconnaissance and desk study of the batholith during this project indicated that the Allison Lake Batholith is the largest known fertile, peraluminous, granite mass in northwestern Ontario;
  • A large mass (15 by 50 km) of pegmatitic granite parental to the Jubilee Lake Pegmatite Group, is highly recommended for follow-up rare-element mineral exploration (see attached map);
  • This area holds high potential for further discoveries of rare-element mineralization that could occur in exocontact, metasedimentary-hosted pegmatites or as internal pegmatites within the parent granite. Only beryl-type pegmatites have been discovered to date, however, in light of the common regional zonation sequence of rare-element pegmatites from beryl-rich into lithium-rich types (Čern˝ 1991b) (albite-spodumene-type and complextype) with increasing distance from the parent granite, this corridor is recommended for detailed exploration;
  • Trace elements that have significant variation across the Allison Lake Batholith include lithium and cesium. An overall mean of 78 ppm Li was measured within a range of 9 to 190 ppm Li. A significant real distribution of lithium within the Allison Lake Batholith is also obvious. The western contact zone of the pegmatitic granite, situated within 1.5 km of the Jubilee Lake metasedimentary rocks, in addition to the narrow southeastern tail, contains the highest lithium levels;
  • The samples show elevated Li, Cs, Rb and Ta and element ratios consistent with a fractionated pegmatite;
  • Based on the chemical data that the Allison Lake Batholith is a large fertile granite, and its rare element contents increase from east to west with the highest values occurring along the western contact and southeast tail. Thus, the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt west of the Allison Lake Batholith holds the potential to contain rare-element pegmatite dikes; and
  • The high potential for tantalum (Ta) mineralization is highlighted by the economically interesting bulk rock tantalum value of 173 ppm Ta obtained by the authors from the SJ Pegmatite Occurrence on Jubilee Lake.

Jubilee Lake Pegmatite Group

The Jubilee Lake pegmatite showing is located on the north shore of Jubilee Lake in Birkett Township and can be reached either from the lake or by traverse through the bush from the end of the Jubilee Lake portage (see attached map).

The area was mapped by Bateman (1940), who indicated the bedrock to be metasediments and minor mafic metavolcanics intruded by numerous pegmatites and granitoid rocks. More recent mapping by Thurston (1980) did not cover this part of Birkett Township, although he did indicate abundant muscovite-bearing pegmatites 4 km to the north of the showing. Bowen (1989) mapped the area of Jubilee Lake south of the showing as clastic metasediments and derived migmatites intruded by granite and minor pegmatite. Breaks et al. (1976) mapped to the south of Birkett Township and identified a large area of pegmatitic granitoid rocks. There is no recorded exploration activity on the Jubilee Lake pegmatites, but the occurrence referred to as the SJ Pegmatite was first discovered in 1964 by prospector Stan Johnson (Sherridon Johnson, prospector, personal communication, 1999). Breaks, Selway and Tindle (2001) examined the occurrence and the nearby pegmatitic rocks.

The group consists of 3 dikes, the largest of which, the SJ pegmatite, was explored by 2 test pits as shown in Figure 9. This dike is in excess of 30m in width. The pegmatite is white in colour and is composed of potassium feldspar, quartz, albite and muscovite with accessory garnet, apatite and very minor pyrite. There are also very small black minerals that may be tantalum oxide minerals. Beryl is present as euhedral creamy white crystals best exposed in the No. 2 pit. The pegmatite shows quartz segregations with blocky white to pale pink feldspar crystals in the 5 to 20 cm size range, best exposed in the second pit. Pale green muscovite rich replacement masses are present in No. 1 pit. The dike contacts are not exposed, but Bateman indicates the SJ dike and several others nearby trend to the northwest.


The SJ pegmatite (also known as the Johnson pegmatite) (see attached map) represents the largest pegmatite in the Jubilee Lake group and is exposed over a minimum area of 35 by 30 m (see attached map).  

The SJ pegmatite is more evolved than the Allison Lake batholith, as it contains tantalum-oxide minerals which so far have not been found in the batholith, and the fluorapatite is significantly more manganese-rich than that in the batholith. It also has elevated Rb and Cs contents in the potassium feldspar, and the highest Ta contents in bulk whole rock samples.

This pegmatite may represent an external dike to the Allison Lake Batholith hosted in metasedimentary rocks, although no external intrusive contacts were observed.  The pegmatite consists of apatite-garnet-muscovite-potassium feldspar-quartz-albite with local quartz-rich patches that contain pale pink blocky potassium feldspar crystals up to 30 by 50 cm. Irregular, lime green replacement masses of muscovite-albite are obvious in the largest blast pit and contain abundant platy black ferrocolumbite.


Frontline's President and CEO, Mr. Walter Henry, said, "The Jubilee Lake Lithium Prospect is an opportunity to enter into the lithium exploration space through the low acquisition cost of the land package.  In addition, the location of the Jubilee Lake claim group, that is strategically situated along the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt west of the Allison Lake Batholith, holds the potential to contain rare-element pegmatite dikes which provides the Company with an under-explored target area with the potential to host lithium bearing pegmatites.

Lastly, the current prospecting program allows the Company to quickly evaluate the exploration opportunity to possibly allow the opportunity to add onto its strategic land position within the Allison Lake Batholith."

Terms of the Option Agreement

To exercise its option and acquire a 100% interest in the Jubilee Lake Prospect claims, Frontline must pay the Optionor a total of $16,500 (of which a total of $15,000 is due in years 1 to 3 of the option agreement) and grant the Optionor a 2% net smelter returns royalty. The properties are subject to a net smelter returns royalty of 1% on six claims. Frontline may repurchase one-half of the 1% royalty for $250,000.

Ron Wortel, P.Eng. an independent Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, reviewed and approved the contents of this news release on behalf of the Company.

Frontline is a Canadian junior mineral exploration company. The Company's principal Ontario properties include the following:

  • Red Lake Gold exploration properties consisting of 16 claims, totaling 6,400 acres on 160 claim units adjoining Pure Gold's Madsen Mine to the east and the south. This land package combined with the Company's Chukuni and White Horse Island Projects, provides the Company with one of the largest exploration land packages within the Red Lake District totaling just over 9,600 acres.
  • The Chukuni property which consists of seven contiguous claims, totaling 2,960 acres on 74 claim units in proximity to Goldcorp's Red Lake Gold Mine, and the proximity to Goldcorp's #3 Mine shaft.
  • Whitehorse Island property comprised of two contiguous claims, totalling 35.55 hectares hosts the Whitehorse Island gold shaft which are situated between the Goldcorp / Premier Gold Rahill-Bonanza Gold Property and Premier Gold's Hasaga Gold Property.
  • Cameron Lake Property Group consists of a 100% interest in seven gold properties in the Rainy River area of Ontario ("Rainy River Properties") which are strategically located adjacent to First Mining Finance's Cameron Gold Project ("Cameron Gold Project") in the Rainy River area.
  • Zealand Properties consist of a total of 72 claim units covering 1,152 hectares. All of the claims are located on or near the project boundaries to Treasury Metals' ("Treasury Metals") Goliath Gold Project.
  • Confederation Lake Project, the property which hosts a number of historical Cu-Zn bearing massive sulphide and stringer sulphide mineralized zones, hosted in strongly altered felsic volcanic pyroclastic rocks.
  • Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt exploration property, which is adjacent to Sabina Gold and Silver's Golden Sidewalk property, hosts the past-producing Bathurst Mine;
  • Production Royalty and Net Smelter Royalty on a portion of First Mining Finance's Pickle Crow Gold Project which was acquired from PC Gold Inc.

In addition to the Ontario Exploration portfolio discussed above, the Company's international principal properties include the following:

  • Keban Tailings Project, is located approximately 45 km northwest from the city of Elazig, Elazig Province of Turkey in the Central East Anatolia region, via paved highway, is fully permitted and includes the exclusive rights to process a minimum 114,000 tonnes of mineralized milled tailings stored in two areas within the defined tailings boundaries.
  • Kambertepe Tailings Project, is located about 100 km east from the city of Elazig, Turkey includes the exclusive rights to process approximately up to 6,000 tonnes of mineralized tailings, with the following average reported grades per tonne of tailings: 2.1% Copper, 21 g/t Silver, 1.9% Zinc, 0.5% Titanium and over 50% Iron, based on assays completed by Bureau Veritas, Vancouver, Canada, as noted from a Firat University report on the project dated March 15th, 2016.
  • Menderes Gold Project, is a 6,194 ha (62 km²) contiguous land package located near the village of Efemçukuru, in Izmir Province, Western Turkey. The permits that make up the Menderes Gold Project were acquired for their excellent potential to host low to medium sulphidation, gold-mineralized epithermal vein systems. The Menderes Gold Project is contiguous to the eastern and southern property boundaries of Eldorado Gold's Efençukuru Mine (source www.eldoradogold.com).
  • Niaouleni Gold Project, is located in southern Mali in the heart of West Africa's prolific gold belt. Active gold exploration projects in the immediate vicinity of Niaouleni include African Gold Group Inc.'s Kobada Gold Project (www.africangoldgroup.com).

Further information about the Company is available on the Company's website, www.frontlinegold.com or our social media sites listed below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Frontline Gold Corp./
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frontlinegold

This news release contains forward-looking statements, which address future events and conditions, which are subject to various risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual results, programs and financial position could differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements as a result of numerous factors, some of which may be beyond the Company's control. These factors include: the availability of funds; the timing and content of work programs; results of exploration activities and development of mineral properties; the interpretation of drilling results and other geological data; the uncertainties of resource and reserve estimations; receipt and security of mineral property titles; project cost overruns or unanticipated costs and expenses; fluctuations in metal prices; currency fluctuations; and general market and industry conditions.
Forward-looking statements are based on the expectations and opinions of the Company's management on the date the statements are made. The assumptions used in the preparation of such statements, although considered reasonable at the time of preparation, may prove to be imprecise and, as such, undue reliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements.

 "Walter Henry"

Walter Henry, President & CEO

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